Invest in Serbia

Why Serbia ...? All Investment Roads Lead to Serbia.
Serbia bridges Eeast and West. Its treasured position in the heart of South East Europe makes it an outstanding investment.

Financial Incentives

  • National Employment Service ⇒ €850 - €1,700 for employment of up to 50 new workers.
  • National Employment Service ⇒ co-financing with €900 retraining programs.
  • Provincial Government ⇒ €1,000 - €1,300 per every new job created.
  • Provincial Government ⇒ subventions for traineeship programs.
  • State grantsSerbian Government awards non-refundable funds for every new employment. A new investment package has been prepared for investors into Serbia. State grants are offered for Greenfield and Brownfield projects in all industries, except for retail, tourism, hospitality, and agriculture.
  • For large investors, a special financial package is available. If a project's value exceeds €200 million, with the minimum of 1,000 new jobs created, the state may cover 25% of the investment. Investments of over €50 million that create the minimum of 300 new jobs can be subsidized for 20% of the project's value.
  • For standard-scale Greenfield and Brownfield projects in the manufacturing and export-related services sectors, non-refundable state funds are offered in the range between €2,000 and €10,000 per new job created.

For large-scale projects, the amount of grants is determined by the government, depending on the investment's importance, value, and term.

In case of standard-scale projects, state funds are awarded upon the scoring based on the following criteria:

• Investor's references,
• Participation of domestic suppliers in the final product and the investment effect on local companies,
• Investment sustainability,
• Effects related to R&D,
• Effects on human resources,
• Environmental impact,
• The value of international turnover for investments in the services sector,
• Imports substitution,
• Effects on the development of the local community, and
• Municipal support related to deduction of local fees.

Upon the assessment of investment projects, the funds for selected projects are paid out in four increments throughout the project's lifetime:

1st increment - after concluding the contract for sale or lease of land;
2nd increment - after obtaining the construction approval;
3rd increment - after obtaining the right-to-use permit;
4th increment - after achieving full employment envisaged by the investment project.