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Welcome to the official web site of the
business park “Italian Industrial Zone”

Italian Industrial Zone is one of the first projects of industrialization in Serbia that was
promoted by a private company.

Thanks to the vision and favorable economic conditions in Serbia, it was set a strong base for attraction and future development of "greenfield investments" in industrial and commercial field.

Available are industrial and retail plots, located strategically in Indjija in the north part of the Serbia, half way between Belgrade (42 km) and Novi Sad (36 km), 500 meters from the highway exit.

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Serbia bridges East and West. Its treasured position in the heart of South East Europe makes it an outstanding investment. read more >

Serbia Key Facts
Official Name Republic of Serbia
Form of State Democratic Republic
Political Structure President
  Unicameral Assembly with 250 seats
Area 88.361 km/2
Population 9.5 million
Official Language Serbian
Largest Cityes Belgrade - 1.576.000
  Novi Sad - 298.000
  Nis - 250.000
Currency Dinar (RSD)
GDP (2008) €34.26 billion
GDP pc (2008) €4.651
Time Zone Central European Time | GMT+01
Internet Domain .rs

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Italian Industrial Zone inaugurates the new web site of the industrial-commercial park in Indjija. read more >