About Us

The project was born in 2005, on the initiative of a private italian-serbian consortium of entrepreneurs
leaded by the company Versil Legno, the owner of the project.


  • In 2005, the idea of the industrialization plan is realized with the acquisition of an agricultural area of 98 hectares in the municipality of Indjija, that it approves completely the strategy and potential development proposed by the management of “IIZ”.
  • In 2006, in collaboration with the municipality of Indjija and Planning Institute for Urbanization of Vojvodina, was realized the new General Regulation Plan of Indjija, that also includes our area in the northeast industrial zone of Indjija.
  • In 2007, after different regulation projects, it was approved by the municipality council the Detailed Regulation Plan proposed by architects of “IIZ”, which within it contains the first indications of future development of different parcels.
  • During 2008 the municipality of Indjija equips industrial zones with the primary infrastructure (water, energy, gas), giving the major support to the present investors.